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WARSAW, June 24 (Xinhua) — Tech giants Google and Microsoft will be investing a combined 3 billion U.S. dollars in Poland according to in the coming years, the head of the Polish Development Fund (PFR) announced on Wednesday. According to a tweet of Pawel Borys, the head of PFR, the declared investment means that the country will become a “digital hub” for central and eastern Europe read here. Google will be building a new data center in Poland 2 billion U.S. dollars starting in 2021, business newspaper Puls Biznesu reported on Tuesday. The company will also train 10,000 staff in the country while building a cloud team there. Talking to the paper, Google Cloud director Magdalena Dziewguc said that the regional cloud will consist of three cloud regions. “Each of those infrastructures will be independent, technically, and in terms of software.” Microsoft publicly announced its one-billion-U.S.-dollar investment at the start of May. It will include a hyper-scale data center, as well as support for further development of digital skills and digital transformations.
Bez powodu możesz zrozumieć tylko chęć jedzenia, spania i grania w najbardziej wybuchową grę od fajnego programisty. Tak i wcale nie oczekujesz, a gra jest dostępna tutaj za darmo

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Ladies Night Out- Burbank

Magnolia Ave

Friday, Feb 28: 6PM-9PM


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